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MOD POST: Rules & F.A.Q.


1. This is a moderated community. If you want to join, make a request via the info page. Then comment in the first entry. You must do both of these things. There is no other way to join.

2. Don't spam and remain on topic. Feel free to discuss anything, as long as it's So Weird related.
Don't advertise anything unless it's related to So Weird.

3. Please comment when you download a song. It's nice to know that my hard work is appreciated :)

4. All posts must be friends-only. No exceptions.

5. Don't post links to the songs anywhere else. The community is moderated for a reason.

6. Above all, be nice to each other. Rude comments will get you banned.

7. If your membership request is rejected, you may reapply only once. After being rejected twice, you will be banned.

8. To prove that you've read the rules, please comment with the subject "Life is So Weird" when requesting membership.


Why did my membership request get denied?
You clearly did not read the rules. In order to join, you must make a request via this page. Then comment in the first entry. You must do both of these things. There is no other way to join.

Why was my post deleted?
Most likely, your post wasn't friends-locked. Public posts are not allowed and will be deleted.

How does this community work?
All of the songs from the show are available in the archive, which lists every download ever posted in the community. Any member can post in this community, so if you have something that's missing from the archive, feel free to make an entry about it. So Weird graphics, icons, fan-made music videos, fan art, fan fiction, etc. are also welcome here.

Where did you get these songs?
They were originally uploaded by spunkiegirl, grey_archangel, and instantfan for soweirdepisodes.soweirdepisodes

Why is there talking in some of the songs?

Because there was never a So Weird soundtrack released, every song had to be ripped from the episode in which it aired. Some songs were never aired in full, which is why there is dialog on the track.

May I use these links for my So Weird website? (Or share them in a Yahoo! Group or another community, etc.?)
No, but you can link this community.

Can I upload anything?
Please do. Anything that's at least vaguely related to So Weird is fine.

Does Disney have plans to release a So Weird soundtrack?
No. Disney has pretty much forgotten about "So Weird." It's doubtful that a soundtrack or DVD will ever be released.



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Life is So Weird

Hi. I really hope you let me join the community. I love So Weird and the songs were one of my favorite parts of the show. I look forward to, hopefully, being able to hear them again!

Life is So Weird

I wanted to become a member of this community. I've always wanted to get a hold of the music from this show. I read the rules and FAQ, so I hope you accept my application.

Life is So Wierd

I'd like to become a member. I love this music.
I would love to join this community. I love the music from so weird. I read everything, please accept me.
Can I join? I Watched the show religiously.
I would like to join I have been making my own files but now I can download from here!

Life is So Weird

I'd like to join. Hope I did this right.

Life is So Weird

I'd like to join the community. I've been a fan of the show since it started and absolutely adore the music. I've searched everywhere for So Weird related stuff, and this is the only place I've found that has it.


I would love to join this coomunity
I loved So Weird and watched it all the time when it was on Disney

Life is So Weird

I love So weird and i would like to request membership. Please

Life is So Weird

I would like to join the community. I'm a big fan of So Weird and the music written for the show.
I'd like to join please.

Life is So Weird

I would like to join this community, please. I love the music of So Weird, and it's extremely hard to find, it seems.

Life is So Weird

Hi, I'd like to join. I used to live off this show, and Mackenzie Phillips had some of the coolest songs ever.
I would like to join. I was crazy about this show.


I Would so like to join ^^ I am so glad to have found this thanx ^^

I would love to join

I would love to join this group I'm obsessed with So weird!

Life is So Weird

I would like to have a membership for this community. I watched the tv show 'So Weird' and I have recently been listening to some of the songs on youtube.com but I would like to download them. So Weird was the best show when I was growing up (minus AYAOTD) so accepting me will totally be the highlight of my day! Thank-you!


I'm requesting to joint this community. I loved So Weird when it was on and the music was awesome!

Hello Everyone!

I'm really hoping this is the first entry I'm supposed to comment on. I'm not used to LiveJournal's format yet.

But I really do wish to join, and I would love for you have me in your community. Fans among fellow fans.

Life is So Weird

I would LOVE to join the community!
hi i'd like to join please. thanks!

Life is So Weird

May I join? Are you still accepting members?
I'd like to join.

Life is So Weird

I absolutely loved the music on So Weird, and have been trying to find it for the longest time. I would really love to join!
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